MOMS Club of Pflugerville

MOMS Club® of Pflugerville, TX is part of a not-for-profit international organization which is dedicated to MOMS Offering Moms Support®. At some time or another many of us have felt lonely and isolated in the wonderful world of motherhood. While we are so happy to have the ability to dedicate our time raising our children, we still longed for friendship and other "adults" to talk with. The MOMS Club® is a great way to combine the two - raising children and adult friendships.

MOMS Club® members take part in a variety of social, charitable, educational and recreational activities aimed to enrich their lives as parents and as members of the community.  Our commitment to building a better community for all families is played out in our participation in fun activities, holiday events, and service projects, where we have an opportunity, and an obligation, to give something back to the community. 

We currently serve the area of Pflugerville, TX. For more information about us, please contact us at or find us on Meetup at

International MOMS Club® can be found at